Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Why does a laptop lid feel cold to touch?

STRESS STRESS STRESS uhh .. fire running through hairs, hears & forehead totally my head was like red burning firewood and was about to smash my laptop lid by my left hand, WOW!! Something strange, felt somewhat COOL. That takes my mind off from workspace. Felt why I shouldn’t make this lid as pillow for a moment. What was that really….? Looking at Canara bank envelop lying on my desk, remembered a scenario which happened when we friends travelling from Bangalore to Mandya in a train. There in train, looking at Canara bank Add  posted in compartments wall “You have dream, will fulfill it”, I told my friend similarly Google should have something like “Have a query, I have answer”. Then I got the below…..,

Metals feel cold when you touch them because they are good conductors of heat. They conduct heat away from the skin on your hand and the temperature receptors in your skin register this as a drop in temperature, so the surface of the metal appears to be cool.