Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Brown BAT

That was dinner time, while waiting for my food I was watching TV. It was one of the kannada news channel suvarna 24/7 I watch regularly, and the program was our sandalwood actress Ragini dwivedi's celebrating her birthday(24th May) in one of the blind school in Bangalore...

Shashank my nephew shouted when a bat fly just beside his head, after a while a discussion caught me - he says it's animal when my aunt was telling it's a bird, and some story on it's indication within home... ... ...

Isn't it a BIRD? Everyone might have seen it flying close by even though it appears rarely; will be active only in dark time. Are you sure it's BIRD??

@ that moment my preference was to capture it... become an habit since day one I bought my smartphone.

okay, let me come to the point... To be frank with you, even I didn't know that bat is an animal until that. hare why should I get doubt when I have seen it flying around many times. Here comes up my curious mind, a reason to pen down this post.

Bat is the only animal that can't walk! The limbs and feet of bat don't help it to stand and walk, hope you have the reason now to say why it fly. I presume that this could be the one reason, that we haven't had got chance to cite it's face, if am not wrong.

But there is one more strange thing, for whoever knew that it was an animal. ie. it actually get relax by two posture,
1. What most of us have seen - lays on floor or any supporting object, it is just like a nap when it gets tired of flying.

2. Below image says all about the second method, which I haven't seen so far. Any chance have you??

You know? their claws are in the shape of hooks. So when bat wants to rest, the easiest thing for it is to use their hook-shaped claws for the grip and to swing. That appears to be the most comfortable position as it also helps to glide easily in the air.