Sunday, June 15, 2014

Why is Wimbledon so special?

Nothing has changed here over the 135 summers, since 1877 and the value that has been shown to this event can even gray out the quote "Change is the only constant". And now it is one of the greatest sporting events in the world!!

What is the specialty exist in it? how is it still holding the huge audience in the emerging world, when people expect changes in anything and everything they do?

Yes, there are some changes, to the audience rather than in the event itself. Below are those sensational things that entitle popularity for ever.

Grass court: that is certainly used only for 2 weeks in a year.

Royalty bow: followed tradition, players to bow to the members of the royal family seated in the royal box upon entering or leaving court.

White clothing: including hats, socks and shoes to be almost entirely white.

Salutation: players are referred to as Mr, Miss and Mrs in each and every instances.

Nomenclature: while all other tournaments have men and women's singles and doubles, Wimbledon has a more formal way for addressing it as Ladies' and Gentlemen's singles or doubles.

Only ground roll: no ball boys throw or toss ball to player.

Day break: the middle sunday of the Wimbledon fortnight is always a day off in tournament.

Clear ground: Wimbledon does not put any sponsor advertising around its courts.

Tickets: Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam tournament where fans without tickets for a match can queue up and still get seat.

Strawberries & cream: Spectators and players are offered strawberries and cream as the typical stand food at the tournament.

Umbrellas: Rain is as much a part of Wimbledon as the adrenaline-pumping on-court action. And, although the rain does put a brake on the game, it allows photographers some pretty scenic shots. Also, accompanying the rain always are plenty of umbrellas, many in dark green and purple - the colour of Wimbledon.

Towels: Even towels and handkerchief provided to players would have pattern of dark green & purple; cloths supplied by Welspun.

Friday, June 6, 2014


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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Little Brown BAT

That was dinner time, while waiting for my food I was watching TV. It was one of the kannada news channel suvarna 24/7 I watch regularly, and the program was our sandalwood actress Ragini dwivedi's celebrating her birthday(24th May) in one of the blind school in Bangalore...

Shashank my nephew shouted when a bat fly just beside his head, after a while a discussion caught me - he says it's animal when my aunt was telling it's a bird, and some story on it's indication within home... ... ...

Isn't it a BIRD? Everyone might have seen it flying close by even though it appears rarely; will be active only in dark time. Are you sure it's BIRD??

@ that moment my preference was to capture it... become an habit since day one I bought my smartphone.

okay, let me come to the point... To be frank with you, even I didn't know that bat is an animal until that. hare why should I get doubt when I have seen it flying around many times. Here comes up my curious mind, a reason to pen down this post.

Bat is the only animal that can't walk! The limbs and feet of bat don't help it to stand and walk, hope you have the reason now to say why it fly. I presume that this could be the one reason, that we haven't had got chance to cite it's face, if am not wrong.

But there is one more strange thing, for whoever knew that it was an animal. ie. it actually get relax by two posture,
1. What most of us have seen - lays on floor or any supporting object, it is just like a nap when it gets tired of flying.

2. Below image says all about the second method, which I haven't seen so far. Any chance have you??

You know? their claws are in the shape of hooks. So when bat wants to rest, the easiest thing for it is to use their hook-shaped claws for the grip and to swing. That appears to be the most comfortable position as it also helps to glide easily in the air.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Why 1 is called ONE & 2 called TWO...?

You're just lines away. In between let me share the thought that comes up to my mind, while I was finding reason for this crazy question.
Assume a worlds lengthiest class room, where students are seated in series of rows. No matter how many rows!! only front and the last row are those who will create history or they would be the 2 pillars for almost all discoveries & innovations around. I meant there will be a connection exist between two entities, without them there would have no space for this simple post; mapping the front row would be the entity which has found or find reason to all the queries raised by last row entity. 

The numbers we write are made up of algorithms, (1, 2, 3, 4, etc) called Arabic algorithms.

What is the logic that exists in Arabic algorithm?

There are angles!
   If you look at the original Phoenician primitive algorithmic representation of numerals, the angles in the written representation of each of the numbers dictates the number's name.
1 (without the bar at the bottom in the original, primitive text) would have only one angle where the diagonal line meets the vertical line.
2 written in primitive text is a "Z" with two angles, one where the top horizontal line meets with the diagonal line, and another where the bottom horizontal line meets with the diagonal line. If you look at an image of the Phoenician numbers


and the most interesting and intelligent of all is 

                                                                         ha ha... 

Why would dogs hang their tongue OUT?

Most of time we have heard that people certainly map one's nose to dog's, when he or she could typically figure out something by smell. But the thing caught my attention while looking at the dog why dogs would have their TONGUE hanging out! lol
It's known for smelling sense... But tongue out for? And not every dog put it out just when it is hungry, although few does it but more randomly.

Any guess why it does? okay have you ever noticed a dog sweating either when it is tired chasing or in the street even sunny day. I hope by now you might have recalled any situation if you have lately seen any dog hanging their tongue out post reaching you by run.

Strange part here is that, they don't have no sweat glands except for on their tongues so they poke their tongue out to cool off. Dogs have a high body temperature and they hang their tongues out to let heat out through their tongues. So it's just their way of relaxing; rather than pointing it as sweating.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Why are rain clouds dark?

Comparatively Bangalore residents would have felt this often! For only reason, almost everyone doesn’t want to waste any space within their site; even for passage in between houses & to the compound gates.
For example - we might have seen few very flexibly built compound gates that can safeguard the vehicles parked on the road; which actually supposed to do when parked inside.

Better late than never! BBMP finally realized the smart people around the city, and come up with smarter plan late in 2011 that, # of car parking space must be equal to # of kitchens in the building, must be shown up in architecture approval proposal.

The reason why rainy clouds appear dark are due to their particulate density. As the clouds form from minuscule water droplets and ice crystals, before rain starts water vapor would have the higher density, the denser they are packed, it makes the cloud turn up to thicker & BIG. And hence it blocks out most of the sun light passes through; lending a darker appearance to their lower sections.

And the best supporting fact I found - visualization by flight journey. With clouds on an overcast day seemed grayed out when viewed on the runway, yet a bright white above the cloud.
Essentially, the deeper & denser a cloud formation is, the less light will pass through it.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Certainly 1 don't prefer to sleep facing head north

Most of us have a belief, that sleeping with head facing north would invite the lord of death. Indian mythology is concerned, South is the direction of lord Yama(a.k.a - The God of Death).

Simple reason why we ignore most of the Indian traditional belief is, either most of the elder family member didn't understand the reason behind or we had no chance to get to know.

scientific reason behind is -
      With the fundamentals of magnetism, south pole is the source of positive energy, whereas north pole is considered to be the source of negative energy. Head facing north, and if already tired human brain gets negative energy, then it would take more time to exhilarate and work efficiently.

Also, in the long run, the constant exposure to negative energy might reduce the efficiency of the brain gradually. Post stressful job, sleeping with head facing south, one would get contemporary state of mind, comparatively faster.