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Friday, April 13, 2012

Are people become stale OR just used to it?

I’d say the only common thing in the world that people can’t avoid is Internet. I’m sure most of us have felt this being offline and when some info wanted. I recently heard song from a movie “pancharangi” “..H/W S/W madve agi internetgu maklu agi…life istene..” though it’s hard to believe its fact in present generation. I agree how powerful it is! and also the best teacher as well,  meantime no doubt that we are becoming stale.
It was little boring day in office working on Web Analytics and just for change I was experiencing Search Engine Optimization and come across a fact……
In 2011 most visited websites and searched keywords in India are same "Google" & "Facebook". Though most visited, doesn’t it strange to believe “Why people are still searching and then accessing...? Exception is one more thing can’t remove, let me exclude first time visitors here. Also I have seen few how they dependable on/ make use of Google by typing url in search box and press enter key.

                                           'Internet SUCKS'