Monday, July 2, 2012

How to get rid of cottonmouth while in public speech?

Listening to someone’s speech one might feel uncomfortable, if the speaker voice is neither audible nor understandable. This is common situation one comes across normally. BUT in case if the speaker itself feels uncomfortable while speaking, just imagine how it would impact his/her confident on paradigm. This is the problem I faced in one of my last presentation; somehow I was able to manage with frequent sip of water. Does it work all the time? I can’t imagine how it would have gone if there was no water glass kept. It was my bad and then started finding solution. Though I got many solutions later, my thought was not to find best out of it. Meantime one point stuck in my mind is, by adopting which I can continue without disturbing audience. The one really worked well is… let me tell you the reason behind cottonmouth first.

Cotton mouth, or xerostomia as it is known in medical speak is simply a dry mouth due to a lack of saliva. There are a number of things that cause xerostomia but in the case of the public speaker it is most often just simply down to nerves.
A dry mouth during a speech is bound to make us feel really self conscious but hey guess what, the chances are nobody listening to your speech has even realized anything is wrong. A dry mouth feels a lot worse than it sounds.

The tip that worked is, though it really does work, but shouldn't be used regularly. If you find yourself drying up and have no water to hand try biting the end of your tongue, not certainly hard. When you bite your tongue your saliva glands are activated almost immediately and you get a rush of wetness in your mouth.

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