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Thorium Valuable Energy Source

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Discovered – It was first discovered in 1828 by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius. In German religion, term “Thor” is the name of god, creator of lightning – Thunder, with that spirituality Brezelius named a shiny silvery-white metal as Thorium.
Available – It’s naturally available in earth crust, in fact Thorium is estimated to be about four times more abundant than uranium and is chiefly refined from monazite sands as a by-product of extracting rare earth metals. For this naturally existing valuable energy source, scientific name is Th-232, which makes atomic chain reaction slower compare to uranium. Based on reaction speed there are diff category Th-228, 230 & 234 which are wiped out in earth crust.
Use of it
It can be used as nuclear fuel
Thorium produces 10 to 10,000 times less long-lived radioactive waste
It can also be used as an alloying agent to improve magnesium's strength at high temperatures
It is used to coat tungsten filaments used in electronic devices
In India – India has 20 - 23% of the world's total monazite ore, to name top 5 countries and ability to possess Thorium

Where in India?
Orissa – Golden Sand Mining Complex
Kanyakumari – Manavalakurichi
Kerala – Aluva – Chevar costal area
Who has Authority for Monazite mining?
Indian Rare Earths Limited – Mineral Research and Development Centre by central govt. of India, only has permission to mine Monazite Ore. In 1950 Nehru having said that no private company has permission. Post 2005, as there was huge demand in electricity generation atomic energy all over the globe, gradually monazite ore was looted in the Kerala – Kanyakumari beach area. BIG tragedy is that, few private companies started to supply the monazite ore to Indian atomic power plants and even few of them received prize for such rare metal supply.
Didn’t we have any responsible head for it?
There is head office to control and regulate the rare metal ore exporting in Nagpur, Maharashtra. On retirement of administrator C P Ambroze on 30th Jun 2008, it’s well known, purposefully nobody has elected as head. 
Though, Atomic energy ACT 1962 & Extraordinary notification of prescribed substance ACT 2006 clearly said that no private company has authority to dig such rare mineral. Investigation report by Statesman paper reveled that, after Manmohan Singh took over the control in 2004, 2.1 million tones of monazite had been looted from India. It means that 1, 95,300 tones of valuable energy source Thorium disappeared from India. In general, Rs.48 lakh Crore worth of Thorium looted from Golden Orissa sand complex, Kanyakumari  & Kerala costal area.
Hope there won’t be any new scam in UPA is gonnu break this record….!

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