Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thorium Valuable Energy Source

Record breaker UPA’s spontaneous strike in INDIA
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Mumbai attack
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Lavasa scam
Coal scam
Discovered – It was first discovered in 1828 by the Swedish chemist Jons Jakob Berzelius. In German religion, term “Thor” is the name of god, creator of lightning – Thunder, with that spirituality Brezelius named a shiny silvery-white metal as Thorium.
Available – It’s naturally available in earth crust, in fact Thorium is estimated to be about four times more abundant than uranium and is chiefly refined from monazite sands as a by-product of extracting rare earth metals. For this naturally existing valuable energy source, scientific name is Th-232, which makes atomic chain reaction slower compare to uranium. Based on reaction speed there are diff category Th-228, 230 & 234 which are wiped out in earth crust.
Use of it
It can be used as nuclear fuel
Thorium produces 10 to 10,000 times less long-lived radioactive waste
It can also be used as an alloying agent to improve magnesium's strength at high temperatures
It is used to coat tungsten filaments used in electronic devices
In India – India has 20 - 23% of the world's total monazite ore, to name top 5 countries and ability to possess Thorium

Where in India?
Orissa – Golden Sand Mining Complex
Kanyakumari – Manavalakurichi
Kerala – Aluva – Chevar costal area
Who has Authority for Monazite mining?
Indian Rare Earths Limited – Mineral Research and Development Centre by central govt. of India, only has permission to mine Monazite Ore. In 1950 Nehru having said that no private company has permission. Post 2005, as there was huge demand in electricity generation atomic energy all over the globe, gradually monazite ore was looted in the Kerala – Kanyakumari beach area. BIG tragedy is that, few private companies started to supply the monazite ore to Indian atomic power plants and even few of them received prize for such rare metal supply.
Didn’t we have any responsible head for it?
There is head office to control and regulate the rare metal ore exporting in Nagpur, Maharashtra. On retirement of administrator C P Ambroze on 30th Jun 2008, it’s well known, purposefully nobody has elected as head. 
Though, Atomic energy ACT 1962 & Extraordinary notification of prescribed substance ACT 2006 clearly said that no private company has authority to dig such rare mineral. Investigation report by Statesman paper reveled that, after Manmohan Singh took over the control in 2004, 2.1 million tones of monazite had been looted from India. It means that 1, 95,300 tones of valuable energy source Thorium disappeared from India. In general, Rs.48 lakh Crore worth of Thorium looted from Golden Orissa sand complex, Kanyakumari  & Kerala costal area.
Hope there won’t be any new scam in UPA is gonnu break this record….!

Monday, July 2, 2012

How to get rid of cottonmouth while in public speech?

Listening to someone’s speech one might feel uncomfortable, if the speaker voice is neither audible nor understandable. This is common situation one comes across normally. BUT in case if the speaker itself feels uncomfortable while speaking, just imagine how it would impact his/her confident on paradigm. This is the problem I faced in one of my last presentation; somehow I was able to manage with frequent sip of water. Does it work all the time? I can’t imagine how it would have gone if there was no water glass kept. It was my bad and then started finding solution. Though I got many solutions later, my thought was not to find best out of it. Meantime one point stuck in my mind is, by adopting which I can continue without disturbing audience. The one really worked well is… let me tell you the reason behind cottonmouth first.

Cotton mouth, or xerostomia as it is known in medical speak is simply a dry mouth due to a lack of saliva. There are a number of things that cause xerostomia but in the case of the public speaker it is most often just simply down to nerves.
A dry mouth during a speech is bound to make us feel really self conscious but hey guess what, the chances are nobody listening to your speech has even realized anything is wrong. A dry mouth feels a lot worse than it sounds.

The tip that worked is, though it really does work, but shouldn't be used regularly. If you find yourself drying up and have no water to hand try biting the end of your tongue, not certainly hard. When you bite your tongue your saliva glands are activated almost immediately and you get a rush of wetness in your mouth.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

How did Hollywood get its name? From then our film industries got their names as _ollywood Bollywood, kollywood, Sandalwood?

Why this kolaveri Di! Silly doubt pops up in my head. It’s my mundane to spend time watching TV post supper.  It was my favorite actress Angelina Jolie’s SALT, one of the big hit in 2010, being played in Sony movie channel. SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks) is a 2010 American action thriller film directed by Phillip Noyce. Originally written with a male protagonist, with Tom Cruise initially secured for the lead, the script was ultimately rewritten by Brian Helgeland for Jolie. My pretty sis asked why these film industries are colloquially referred as Bollywood, Tollywood, sandalwood…

Upon some study easily came to know about Whitley father of Hollywood. Still I was keen on phrase “Hollywood land” because somewhere I had read that, there was suffix “LAND” in that hillside sign and it as fallen; no idea was that happened. There comes other legend behind the Sign of HOLLYWOOD and he is Wilcox, handicapped hungry bird. I’m unable to surpass background of Wilcox though Whitely was so called the father of Hollywood.

Harvey Henderson Wilcox was born in New York State and moved to Michigan during the 1830s and there he was raised on his parents' farm in Ogden Township, Lenawee County, Michigan. He was stricken with polio in 1845 at the age of 13th as he couldn't work in the farm soon he started biz shoemaker. On December 26, 1861, he married Ellen and later he got into politics, he also gave up shoemaking to deal in real estate. Ellen contracted tuberculosis and passed away in 1882. Harvey married as his second wife, Daeida, a girl more than thirty years his junior, on December 6, 1882. in 1888 - A bucolic hillside area populated by citrus farmers is given the name "Hollywood Land" by Harvey Henderson Wilcox and his wife, Daeida, as part of a residential development. It is Daeida while on a train she became acquainted with a wealthy lady who often spoke of her summer home.
Hobart Johnstone Whitley was born in Toronto, Canada on October 7, 1847, of Scotish-English parentage. Whitley engaged in banking and land development and managed the H. J. Whitley Land and Mortgage Company. In 1887 he married Margaret Virginia Ross and had two children, Grace Virginia and Ross Emmet. Because of bad health, Whitley came to California in 1893 and the following year established the H. J. Whitley Jewelry Store, for many years the largest in the city. In 1900 he bought the Hurd property north of Hollywood Boulevard, between Wilcox and Whitley, south of Yucca Street, which he later subdivided into what became known as Whitley Home Tract. As a result of the success of this subdivision, one of the first in Hollywood, Whitley became known as the “Father of Hollywood.”

In 1905, Whitley and a group of Los Angeles investors undertook the development of 47,000 acres in the San Joaquin Valley and carried through a similar project involving nearly 50,000 acres in the San Fernando Valley. Whitley continued his activities in Southern California property until 1922, when he completed the development of Whitley Heights, which was one of the first hillside subdivisions in Hollywood. 

There’s nothing much to puzzle you that how Indian film Indus got their names _ollywood.
Bollywood is Bombay Cinema which is more of the Hindi film production centered on Mumbai (previously known as Bombay). Some fun-loving cinema journalist first coined this funny word 'Bollywood' to imply its large production houses of Bombay.

Then, Telugu cinema news-magazines started mentioning Hyderabad Telugu film industry as Tollywood because they could not name it as ‘Hollywood’ from the initial alphabet of Hyderabad.

Similarly Mollywood came into use for the Malayalam movies, as they could not take 'T' from Trivandrum (now Tiruvananthapuram) in Kerala, because Tollywood was already in use for Telugu cinema.

Then came Kollywood, coined from the Kodambakkam's first letter and avoiding another Mollywood that would have formed from Madras which is now Chennai.
The Kannada film industry based in Karnataka, which is well known for its Sandalwood, is sometimes colloquially referred to as ‘Sandalwood’ aka “Chandanavana” in Kannada.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why do power lines buzz?

            Most of the time while roaming around Bangalore I do remember a funky statement which I read in news paper article “people who spend half of their income in food/apparels and rest on to digest it” are so called Americans aka white color jobs. Now we Bangaloreans have gradually adopted it. So I have a hobby to go walk upon my dinner only if I felt it was heavy but not regularly. Cool breeze! It was really calm environment without any noise of honking. Especially walking on Bangalore fly over you could enjoy the night city view. I’m sure at least that moments we been open minded like having felt out of nest and imagine how differently our mundane in the city goes on and on…..
In that calm was able to hear some humming noise and it was from the high tension cable passed over there. What is that? Way back to school days physics class …. Discharge of electricity! Basically we're hearing corona discharge. The strong electric field at the surface of a high voltage power line conductor ionizes the nearby air and causes a partial breakdown of its dielectric strength. The audible noise we hear is caused by the local sound-pressure level changes due to the individual corona discharges that in turn occur as part of electron avalanches. During wet weather the noise level is much higher due to the presence of drops of water on the underside of the conductors. These weather drops break up and the departing portions cause discharges in the water-to-water gap.
The predominant frequency of the corona hum noise is double (100 Hz or 120 Hz) the commercial frequency.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Are people become stale OR just used to it?

I’d say the only common thing in the world that people can’t avoid is Internet. I’m sure most of us have felt this being offline and when some info wanted. I recently heard song from a movie “pancharangi” “..H/W S/W madve agi internetgu maklu agi…life istene..” though it’s hard to believe its fact in present generation. I agree how powerful it is! and also the best teacher as well,  meantime no doubt that we are becoming stale.
It was little boring day in office working on Web Analytics and just for change I was experiencing Search Engine Optimization and come across a fact……
In 2011 most visited websites and searched keywords in India are same "Google" & "Facebook". Though most visited, doesn’t it strange to believe “Why people are still searching and then accessing...? Exception is one more thing can’t remove, let me exclude first time visitors here. Also I have seen few how they dependable on/ make use of Google by typing url in search box and press enter key.

                                           'Internet SUCKS'